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Review: Salomon Fell Raiser First Feel and First Puddles

It was time.

Time to buy yet another pair of shoes.

This is something that always scares me, mainly because of the fact that I’m so blisterable, but also because I ‘m always a bit scared that those awesome shoes from those awesome reviews in Trailrunningmag or RunnersWorld or wherever aren’t as awesome as described (for me).

I was and am really happy with my Brooks Ravennas and Cascadia8s, but needed something a bit more aggressive for the fells and proper mud. Perhaps, some day, I’ll also buy some spikes, but for now a more aggressive fell shoe would have to do. So, after doing some ‘research’, I thought that either Salomon Fell Raiser or Inov8 Mudclaw would be great choices for me. So I went to Accelerate in Sheffield, where they really took the time to help both me and RenĂ©, and eventually I went home with a pair of…

Salomon Fell Raisers!

... purple ...

… purple …

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