2016 – Beating and/or running with lumbar scoliosis


Yesterday I went out for a ‘run': 6 sets of 1 minute of ‘running’ , and 1 minute of walking.  And it was heaven, to be able to do that.

It was the first run I’d done since the beginning of November, having ‘rested’ for nearly 2 months. I had quite the fall-back after the 10K at Scarborough, which consisted of severe muscle tightness, and of course more pain. A different pain from what I was used to, but still pain, a pain that kept me from doing the most simple things without thinking about it: every movement needs to be accounted for, from making dinner to picking up a piece of paper I dropped.

And that is frustrating as hell. Because all I want to do is just do normal things, and run. Normal things and run.

Being able to do that seems miles away at the moment. I had (and have) all those dreams of running marathons, ultras, multi-day races, and thinking about that in this current state my body is in is pure torture. But, I’m going to take that torture, and change it into determination and motivation. Any person, GPs and ‘non-runners’ telling me I should give up running are all going to see what I can do with this back. It might take a while, it probably will take more than a while, but I will run those marathons, and those ultras.

2016 might not be my full come-back year, but it is going to be my getting stronger year. We have found the exact location of the problem in the last two weeks (we = my sports fysio trainer person and me), it is going to hurt, a lot, but there will be improvement. I might not be able to run pain free for a while, or perhaps maybe ever, but we are going for manageable, and anything more than manageable is going to be a bonus.

Being able to run a normal 5K is going to be my first goal. Here’s to 2016!

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  1. Just found your site! I also run and have lumbar scoliosis, I took the whole of 2016 off running due to severe muscle spasms and generally being in pain. Currently trying to run a couple of times a week under 5k, running half marathons seems like a distant memory! Everyone saying stop running its making things worse but I’m stubborn and enjoy it too much. Fliss x

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