Curved spine? Curveball.

So, this is basically what my spine does, but the other way around, to the left.

So, this is basically what my spine does, but the other way around, to the left.

Oh, how I love metaphors. And puns. Get ready for the “a lady is nothing without her curve(d) s(pine)!”

But hell, it kind of sucks, really. But, I ran again yesterday. Did 8 one minute reps with one minute of steady walking in between. All felt good, although it did hurt a bit after I had stopped. Nonetheless, with some stretching and after a good night’s rest, all is fine again, to be fair.

At the moment it seems as if things only -really- hurt after a massage/torture treatment, which makes me wonder whether I should continue doing them. It’s been a week now since my last treatment, and the pain lasted for about 4 days after, pain which was a lot worse than it was before the treatment. But then again, perhaps it is all part of the progress, and in the end I will be thankful for going through that extra bit of pain if that means that I can go without pain for a longer period of time in between treatments.

It’s difficult: I’ve tried so many different things, it’s like the blister problem; everyone recommends something else you should do or try, and everything seems to help a bit/for a while, but in the end, I am the only one who can feel what my body tells me to do.

So, I will continue the treatments for a while, to see if the periods of pain free come quicker and last longer. I’ll continue my core strengthening exercises, which I do on a daily basis for about 30 minutes a day, I’ll continue stretching, and I’ll continue to get back running. It’s the only thing I can do.


2016 will come with two goals: finish my thesis and become a Dr and get back running properly. I think those two goals will keep me more than busy ;)

So where’s that chapter I need to revise?



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