No Pain, Maximum Gain.

no-pain-no-gainSo. Today I felt strong. So I thought… To hell with it. I’m going to do it.

It had been in my mind for a bit already, and I even joined the ‘Wakefield Triathlon Club’ Facebook page a few weeks ago, but today was the day I was going to give it a go.

I did a mini super sprint triathlon in the gym today! Just to see where I was at, and because I felt like it. This resulted in these stats:

  • 1,000m swim in roughly 20.00
  • 10,000m (spinning) bike ride in 19.54
  • 1,600m running in 10.00

And the best bit: no pain.

They say no pain no gain. But at this point in time I’d like to change that to “No Pain, Maximum Gain“.

The swimming was the easy part. I can do that, swimming. It’s my thing, despite the fact that I don’t love it like I love running. But, it can’t be worse than cycling. Well, I don’t hate cycling, I really don’t. I love spinning, and as a Dutchie I have cycling in my vains. But since my bad fall on my road racing bike 3 years ago, I am not a big fan of the click-on system, and the thought of riding in a group scares me somewhat. But anyway, the swim went well. Nice and quiet lane for a change with people who were actually considerate as well as fast, instead of the usual inconsiderate and slow, which is an awful combination.

After a quick dry-up and change of clothes (I didn’t think they’d like me to go into the spinning room completely soaked and in my swimming gear..) I got on the bike and ‘set off’ for my 10K. People always warn for the transition between bike and running, but this was much worse! My legs were jelly! Still, kept the pace at 30Km/hr switching a bit between light and moderate effort, and wh00p, 20 minutes later I was ready to hit the…

Dreadmill. It’s not fun, it’s not nice, it’s everything I hate, but it is safe, at the moment. I can stop whenever I want, it’s not too cold on my muscles, and for some reason my technique is better on the damn thing. I didn’t want to go for 10 minutes straight away, so I decided to go for 5, and see how that would feel, at a very comfortable 8.5km/hr. But it felt good, really good, so I increase the speed and ran for another 2.5 minutes. And then it still felt OK, so I increased it one more time to 10km/hr and ran the last 2.50 minutes. Pain free.

It might not look like much, and it isn’t, but I think the people in the gym who saw my face when running towards the 10.00minutes on the counter thought I had some stand-up podcast on my phone that I was listening too. The grin was wide and it felt great.

Some stretching afterwards, and right now, after getting some work done in my not so great office chair, I’m still feeling ‘A-OK’.

That leaves me to thinking about my short-long-term goals for 2016. Or at least, my boundaries, to protect me from doing anything I regret:

No races/events where I have to run further than 10K in one go is the main rule that I have to commit myself to. And there’s still great things to do within 10K, and a lot of longer races that offer 10K opportunities.

Of course, first I have to get back to running that 10K without any pain during and not too much pain after, but by putting some restrictions on myself I hope to be able to make myself stronger the way it counts towards beating this scoliosis hell.



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