10K maximum, I can do that, sure! As long as it’s trails…

And so I completed my first ‘race’ of 2016, the Barnsley Harriers 25K relay race, where I had to do just over 8K to cover my part of the deal. Luckily it was a trail race, as I have also promised myself, next to the maximum distance, that I’d only do things I enjoy doing. And I don’t enjoy doing boring road races. So those are off the calendar for this year, unless I actually feel like running one because it’ll be a nice club opportunity. The thing is, if I want to compete in the leagues and the Black ‘n Tan Competitions, I will have to, but as I am in no competitive shape (i.e. beat my own times), it’s useless to sign up for them for the sheer idea of ‘ticking off the boxes’.




Hence, as I said earlier, this year is all about getting back in the right shape and enjoying myself while doing that. As we speak I am doing suprisingly well, and I’m looking forward to doing the club’s hill training session tonight at my favorite ever hills at Oakwell. It might be road, but it is a great session where you constantly see your fellow club members struggle up the same hills as you, and where constant encouragement is key to success of the session. There’s always that one more rep you can get in with the right cheers and well done’s (and the person behind you NOT stopping, so you ‘have’ to). It also allows for everyone of all abilities to take part, and you can even do it when you’re out of shape like me.

Not that bad, but you get the idea….

The next race on the calendar is the Red Kite 10K in April, where for the third time in a row we will drive all the way t Devil’s Bridge in Wales for the Bank Holiday Weekend to relish ourselves in a weekend of running, hiking, beer and great company. And it is a 10k! So I am allowed to do it! Looking at the calendar of local races (trails and fells) I will have no trouble at all finding nice little (or bigger) events to take part in over 2016 to build my strenght and to enjoy myself. The Gritstone Series looks very tempting (ok, ok, some of theme are just over 10K, but that’s allowed, as they are impossible to measure to distance.. or is this cheating already?) to try some races close to home, and of course there is the Trunce, and perhaps I’ll take part in the Spencer’s Arms Dash series, even though it is a road event after reading one of the articles sent in for the BaHa Club Magazine. I’ve done it once, and it’s quite great as a low key local race, and it is just over 5K, so who knows!

Who knows?

But first, we’re going to San Francisco / California in a few weeks, where I’ll be running and hiking some trails too if all goes well. Running = life. I never thought I’d say that, and I keep repeating that I never thought I’d say that, but it is true, and it never ceases to amaze me that running is such an important part of my life now, and it makes me very happy that I can run again!

Yes, so happy!

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