Really? Another page on running?

Yes. But this is my page, about the things I like to do.

Run. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. If it were up to me, that is. Unfortunately I’m not some brilliant undiscovered running talent like Emelie or Anna, so that sort of keeps me from running as a day job, which would actually allow me to just run, eat, sleep, repeat… But, this url is as close as I can get to that ;)

I like running, but I love trail running. My bucketlist seems endless and consists only of trails(only made a start with what I could come up with very quickly, but it’s a work in progress). I do run roads, because I sort of have to, sometimes, but trails are the love of my life, and I want to run them all, everywhere. I’d like that. Travel the world, run trails all over the globe. Yeah, we’ll get there, no matter how slow…


This could be me..

Oh, and I’ve got to do a PhD as well. And some refurbishing. But, over here I’ll mainly concentrate on the running and the eating bit of life, with a bit of sleep/rest activities along the way.

Oh. And here’s a picture of me.

See, we were actually running.

See, we were actually running.


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