Bucket List.

Running the world one mile at a time.

Anywhere where there’s trails, one can run. And there’s loads of trail marathons and ultras that prove that. My ultimate goal is to run in as many miles in as many countries and on as many continents as possible. And on those cold dark nights, or as a case of serious procrastination, I roam the internet (Facebook and Youtube in particular) to find races to fill my bucket list with. I always say, when people mention a race “that one’s on my bucket list!”, or, if it’s  new and awesome, “I’ll put it on my bucket list”. But up until now, my bucket list was just in my head, and with the mental list growing and growing I thought it would be time to make the list more official, to have it somewhere so that I can tick them off one by one, and add some more on the way!  So here it is, my bucket list!


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