[Race Report] Scarborough 10K (aka Janine the Machine’s Fish and Chips Run)

A long, long time ago, I can still remember, how that entry used to make me smile…..

Oh, great! People are going to Scarborough for a 10K!  And there’s Fish and Chips afterwards! We’ll sure be fit enough by then to run a flat 10K along the seaside! Yes, we’ll sign up! It’s only Scarborough.



Scarborough.. What time did it start again? 10 FFING AM? And… how long does it take us to get there…? 2 HOURS?


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[Race and Trip Report] #TeamBaha on Tour: Isle of Skye Half Marathon

banner Prologue

We signed ourselves up for this race quite a while ago. Well, most of us. Jerry didn’t. We (Rich, Kevin(ternet), René and myself) had numbers 26, 29, 30 and 147. Jerry had number 1024, or 1337. He probably forged it himself, claiming the organiser had let him in in front of 200 (!!!) other people on the waiting list. Yeah, sure, he’d do that for a guy from Hoyland (oh so) Common…. Sure! Also, we had made the proper regular arrangements by not booking a campsite in Portree in time, even though it was told (to Kevin(ternet)) that he could just show up on the day… but when we double checked the week before, they were fully booked. So, we resorted to the camp site known as midge fest in Slicachan. Read more

2015 didn’t start as planned, but I’m back!

2014 was a great year! I ran my first marathon, ran some amazing PBs and ran in the most gorgeous places, including along the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland and around Coniston in the Lake District. This great year of running got me two awards at last month’s Club Presentation night: 2 second places, one for my League and one for my Black ‘n Tan category!

Presentation Night 2014 BnT Second place winner!

Presentation Night 2014
BnT Second place winner! (c) Jerry Fisher

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Race Report: “Hi, my name is Gaby, and I learn things the hard(moors) way…” (Roseberry Topping HMish)

The back

Originally I hoped to do Roseberry Topping as my trail marathon revenge after having to let slide the Causeway Coast. Hoping the back would be better by then and just go for the long run, again. Unfortunately, the back didn’t get better, so I had to, once again, cut back my plans to the Half Marathon version of that same Roseberry Topping event. However, when we signed up, I was already aware that it kind of wasn’t the best decision ever, with my back still massively hurting… but I wanted to do this soooo badly… I am my own worst enemy, I guess, not wanting to disappoint myself and the challenges I make myself do. And not just challenges.. I just love doing it, no matter how long it takes me to complete such a horrendous event, being out there for a couple of hours, enjoying the majestic scenery I get to run in…. It’s hard not to do it. But, that is perhaps what I should have done if I knew how hard it was actually going to be…

And neither does Jon Steele, apparently!

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Race Report: Silkstone Shuffle #4, OR: I want to be better at running…

Every day I'm Shufflin'.  Picture by Jerry Fisher.

Every day I’m Shufflin’.
Photo by Jerry Fisher.

Yesterday was the final of the Silkstone Shuffle Series in 2014! A lovely little event organised by my lovely little big (and growing!) club, the Barnsley Harriers. It was the first time this year that were were to expect a lovely wet and muddy course! What a day! It started off with the Junior Race at 9.45am, where René and myself were marshaling. Tough kids, running up the hills and through the mud. It’s not easy for anyone, but they grit their teith and just do it, whether they are 14 or, about 8-ish, I guess the youngest was. Great to see them involved with local clubs and local races at that age.

Then it was our turn.

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